During the Autumn of 1996 Collusion Inc. was formed by Andrew J. Howarth and long-time musical sparring partner, Phil Taylor, after several unsuccessful years of playing in local bands. Setting up a home studio (now affectionately named "The Fleshing Room" after a short story by part-time drum programmer, Paul Joyce) they set out to fuse their 80s Goth Rock, Punk and New Wave influences with 90s Industrial Dance, Breakbeat, Techno, Drum 'n Bass and Trip Hop.

Some 50 songs have been written in The Fleshing Room, of which 9 appear on the band's debut album entitled "Hate Campaigns". Rough mixes from the album posted on the Internet have received good reviews on the U.S. based website, "Riffage", whilst the song "Reins" was given "featured" status on another U.S. website, "MP3.COM". There it rose to number 3 in their Darkwave chart and number 4 in their Industrial chart during December, 1999. Radio stations, both on and off the Internet, have recently picked up on the band. Germany's Black Channel, the U.S.'s KUCI "Closed Caskets For The Living Impaired" show and In Perpetual Motion's DJ Mac have all played out tracks from the album.

Spurred on by their steadily growing popularity on the Internet the duo are currently setting up their own record label, Collusion Productions, to release Collusion Inc. material to a wider audience. All the writing, recording, mixing, mastering and artwork is now being done in The Fleshing Room to free them from the constraints of working in commercial recording studios. 7 new songs, along with revamped versions of older material, are already in advanced stages of development for their second album, which now has the working title "Remnants".

In addition, a side project &Eh Soundware was founded to provide loops and individual sounds for a variety of software synthesizers. Rather than attempt to cover generic commercial musical forms, the more artistically creative side of sound design is the focus. Pushing the technology to it's limits to provide sounds unavailable elsewhere.