Collusion Inc.


Files: 4

Files for Sync Modular software modular synthesizer software.

Files: 1

Sounds for energyXT's built-in synthesizer and sample playback devices.

Files: 1

Studioware panels for Cakewalk sequencing software.

Files: 4

CAL scripts for use with Cakewalk sequencing software.

Files: 3

Various useful standalone programs.

Files: 1

Patches for ConcreteFX's Kubik synthesizer.

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Files: 13

Looped, one shot and multi sample audio files.

Files: 5

Patches and wavetables for Martin Fay's VAZ sythesizer series.

Files: 1

Sound banks for reFX Vanguard.

Subcategories: 2
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Add on modules and structures for SyntEdit.